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Custom Test Sites

Admin | Administrator
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2020-05-18 02:09:35

To continue our effort to push more seamless testing sites we've added the ability to create a custom test site.

What this means is using your recruiter account you can go into your account settings and setup a custom URL to send your applicants that directs them to the same DDRPT test but under your stations name.

To view an example you can visit this URL

The idea behind custom test sites is to create a seamless environment where an applicant doesn't feel they are being misdirected to a 'shady' website, rather they can see they are being sent to a proper test site you as the recruiter setup.

Stations are encouraged to create one site rather than having one per recruiter, however, do as you wish.

To get started setting up your test site, just login -> click the account tab -> click settings -> then follow the options for creating a test site.

You are able to modify or delete the test site at any time, however all accounts created (applicant or recruiter) will remain on DDRPT servers.
Will | Moderator
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2020-07-19 20:47:50


URL's have been moved from to
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2020-09-29 14:19:49

Batavia Recruiting Station
Will | Moderator
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2020-09-29 15:49:32

If you're looking to set up a test site for your station, visit the link below while logged in.