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Guest test

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2020-07-10 00:15:14

The feature to take the test as a guest results in a score of "1" every time.
Will | Moderator
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2020-07-10 14:05:18

I'm not able to replicate this on my end.

What browser is being used to take the guest test?
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2021-10-29 01:17:12

Used on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome & IE. All give a score of 1. SFC Baynard, M 702-204-4464 [email protected] (we've changed from to
Will | Moderator
Posts: 16
2021-10-29 04:59:04

I was able to knock this out over the weekend, you can check out the latest news post for more information.

I still have not ran into this problem myself, having gone through this test multiple times in multiple browsers across multiple devices.

However, this has been reported to me a couple times now and is concerning, so I'll start working on creating a better alternate version of this test, this will take some time with my limited schedule.

For the time being I recommend using the version you can send to applicants after creating a tester account, this version keeps track of all answers, and you, as the recruiter, will also be able to see what their score is and what questions they answered wrong.
This version will not have the issues being described as it does not rely on the users browser to calculate scores.