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Test Timer

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2021-05-19 14:49:09

Would it possible to add a time limit to the test.
This would allow us to give a better prediction to the ASVAB scoring, thus increasing our effectiveness and accuracy.
A 30 min time limit would be sufficient to add.

If other's do not want this added, is it possible to have the opportunity to add it to our station website?
Will | Moderator
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2021-05-21 00:03:59

Definitely something that can be added.

I opted for a non timed test so the applicant would at least finish the test giving the ability to see exactly what they struggle with.

As for implementation, I can add it as a toggleable option for each tester when you setup their account.

I'll work on adding this feature when I've got some free time.
Will | Moderator
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2021-07-12 00:38:38

The ability to time testers has been added.

Just click the yes box when creating a new tester then specify how long in minutes.