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Broken Questions

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2021-05-28 10:02:55


In the test's code, it appears that certain symbols in the answer strings are recorded using their character entity reference. When these answers are added to the DOM, however, the character entity references are translated to their corresponding characters. This creates a problem as the `calc` function that checks the answers is getting the user response from the DOM (post-translation) and comparing it to the answer from the `grab` array (pre-translation).

This can be seen to affect five problems, each of which has an answer with one of the following character entities: comma, apostrophe, double-quote, or superscript. The effect is that these five problems are impossible to get correct, making the effective maximum score a 49/54 or 90th percentile.

Potential Solutions

1. Replace the character entity references in the `grab` array with their corresponding characters/superscripts; or,
2. Account for this translation in the `calc` function before comparing the user and expected answers.

I have refrained from including the problematic answer strings here to protect wandering potential test takers from receiving spoilers. I believe the strings should be easy to find from the information given, but let me know if further information is required.
Will | Moderator
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2021-05-29 18:43:00

I've identified the problematic answers, I'll correct this as soon as possible.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking time to look into this issue and creating a detailed response!
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2021-05-30 05:24:21

No problem! Thanks for the quick response and the great site!
Will | Moderator
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2021-05-31 19:55:16

This has now been corrected.

Once again thanks for bringing this to my attention.