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2021-06-20 17:36:03

Recently ads have been placed on the main site, this is done in an attempt to recoup some of the costs that go into running this website.

Your feedback is appreciated, if you or your applicants are finding these ads to be distracting let me know, you can submit feedback through the link at the bottom or make a post here on the forum.

I'm willing to alter ad placement if deemed necessary.

If you absolutely hate ads and want to get back to ad free, we offer custom station sites which you can create and when using the provided link there will be no ads displayed.
Custom station sites are free to create and use.

If you're interested in creating a custom station site just log into your recruiter account and click the "Custom Test Site" button on the homepage, or if you're already logged in click the link below:

Incase you need help with custom station sites or any other part of this site, view our PDF user guide here user guide is outdated and has been removed.