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New Study Section

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2023-02-06 03:50:49

We've added a study section. This study section has questions that cover each category that predicts a higher GT score.

These categories are:

Word Knowledge
Arithmetic Reasoning
Paragraph Comprehension
Mathematics Knowledge

The study section uses a "flash card" style interface. To view the answer you must flip the card.
For certain questions an explanation button will appear, this button will show you a break down of how to answer the question.

For testers that are logged in and have completed their test or for those who have completed the guest test, viewing the study section will show recommended categories depending how well they did.
(For guest test users they have to follow the provided link at the end of the test to view recommended categories)

If you find any errors from typos to miscalculations in the study section, please note them here or through the feedback form and we will address them as soon as possible.

The study section is available to custom test sites as well.