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Offline Practice Test

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2020-03-30 19:22:21

We know many of you work outside of a coverage zone where DDRPT might not work as it requires an active connection.

We have gone and turned DDRPT into a PWA (Progressive Web App) this allows us to store an offline version of the practice test in your devices cache which can be called on when you lose connection.

To test that it's working for you just switch on airplane mode and reload the page.

You can add DDRPT to your work phone as a standalone "app" if you wish as well.

For those that don't know how, here's a few steps (with pictures!) on how to do this with your work phone:
Note: This is not installing an app, it's essentially a bookmark.

First step, click the "more options" button at the bottom

Then scroll down a bit and hit "Add to Home Screen"

Then click Add...

And now DDRPT can be used as a stand alone web app.